April 25, 2010

Rise of the Godslayer Preorder

 Funcom have recently announced the availability of preorders for the first Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures expansion titled Rise of the Godslayer. As it often is with Funcom, they will reward their first and most eager customers with special bonuses. If you pre-order AoC: RotG and register it before May 25th, you will receive a special item that will allow you to summon a useful in-game pet called Loyal Kappa. Unlike so-called social pets, this one may be used in battle and will cast some useful spells when in combat.

Tiger mounts? Yes please.

Rise of the Godslayer preorders are available from the official site and Amazon. You will notice that pre-ordering Rise of the Godslayer from the official site via digital download (no physical box shipped) will cost you €24.99. Amazon.co.uk charges £25.99, which is even more than that. On the other hand, Amazon.com is only $29.99 which is by far the cheapest. Once again US gets the better deal - damn you EU VAT!