August 21, 2009

Age of Conan Rise of the Godslayer Expansion

Funcom came out with some big news a few days ago as they announced the official name of the upcoming Age of Conan expansion: the Rise of the Godslayer. I think it's a pretty cool and fitting name, seeing how you had to defeat the Grim Grey God for your destiny quest - and perhaps there will be more gods to slay, too!

Like I mentioned in my old Age of Conan expansion teaser post, Rise of the Godslayer will introduce a new area to the game: the oriental Khitai. Funcom's Craig Morrisson promises huge and beautiful Asian-themed areas to explore, a new playable race Khitan, tiger mounts, faction wars and perhaps most importantly - an alternate advancement system.

This AoC expansion will not introduce more levels or classes (which is pretty unusual for an MMORPG) but we'll get some sort of time-based skill training system much like the one EVE Online has. You will be able to train in various new abilities, learning them over time even while your character is offline. The aim of this, according to the Game Director of AoC, is more depth to combat and allowing each class to take on more roles. Will my Demonologist be able to dish out melee dmg now, I wonder?

Eurogamer has a nice 3-page early preview of the Rise of the Godslayer, and IGN came out with their own shorter AoC: RotG preview yesterday, so check these out for more info.


Anonymous said...

This is just same stuff posted by FC, refryed and served again. What is the point of this?

How about giving the readers some opinion?


Yasmina said...

I wonder what will be the guiding light in this new area, which I believe is less defined by Howard's books, although more explored in the modern comic books from Dark Horse.

I expect Funcom will make some inspiring choices! I hope they take the chance to revisit a few gameplay choices, too, with their accumulated wisdom.

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