June 7, 2009

Birds Eye View of the Tarantia Commons

GamerDNA have posted a new exclusive screenshot of the Old Tarantia Commons area that's coming to Age of Conan in the 1.05 update. It shows the most of this area nicely from a bird's eye camera perspective. See it below or head to GamerDNA for a full quality screenshot.

We've seen how rich people live in the Old Tarantia with the merchants, temples, civic buildings, the villas in the Noble District, and even the palace of the King Conan himself. Now we get to see the Tarantia Commons where poor folk get to stay, a sort of ghetto in the Old Tarantia with street fights, gang wars and even a leper colony.

Tarantia Commons will be a lvl70+ area instead of the previously intended 40+, which I think is a great move since leveling in AoC is quite fast. Expect Tarantia Commons to be added to the Hyborian Adventures really soon.