February 10, 2009

Update 1.4 coming next week

Tarib, the Senior Community Manager of Age of Conan has recently announced that the 1.4 game update will most likely be deployed on live servers sometime next week. It's unofficially dubbed "the most important update since the launch of the game", and among various fixes and updates also contains new content: the new high level dungeons Xibaluku and Slaughterhouse Cellar, the level 43 dungeon Cradle of Decay, and the Wing 3 of the Black Ring Citadel raid dungeon.

This patch will not add support for DirectX 10 yet, but Funcom will likely included it with their next "big" update.


Yasmina said...

Yay, I have a level 43 character! It'll be fun to have plenty of people looking to group.

Adam said...

ffs they should release the dx10 patch! i want the shiny armors and shit!

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