February 19, 2009

Age of Conan Game Director on Twitter

You probably know Twitter, the micro blogging service that allows you to post short (up to 140 characters) messages with your status updates, or whatever you want really. I am on Twitter as well, although I joined just recently and haven't yet figured out what topics should I focus on.

Anyway, Craig Morrison - the Game Director of Age of Conan - has recently told us on the forums about his new Twitter channel where you can find AoC-related updates straight from the big man himself, unfiltered by any PR people. You will find Mr. Morrison at http://twitter.com/Silirrion and you can subscribe to the RSS feed of his tweets as well if you prefer getting your news in an RSS reader.

This is a pretty cool way of getting AoC news in a less formal and casual style, and most likely before the official announcements are written, too!

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