November 11, 2008

Results of AoC Community Survey #4

If you read Age of Conan forums frequently, you might know about the Community Survey that a member named Wexx posts from time to time. If you don't, I'll let you know that it's an unofficial survey about the most important issues with the game, as well as some general statistics.

You might recall that I tried posting polls here on AoCBlog, but they didn't get enough votes to be accurate enough. Going to the forums and asking the players directly seems to be the best way. Wexx's survey gets a lot of attention, so perhaps even Funcom developers read it and make conclusions - it does get some replies from the mods at least.

Here are some of the more interesting statistics:

  • 91.32% of the players are male and only 8.68% are female - so be careful who you cyber with.
  • Interestingly enough, 30-34, 35-39 and 40+ age groups are dominating the PvE/RPvE servers, while 20-24 and 25-29 are the largest on PvP/RPvP ones, somewhat proving the notion that older (and more mature?) players prefer the PvE ruleset. Personally, I find it too limiting on a game like AoC.
  • Over 84% of survey takers are part of a guild, which is a good number IMHO and shows that guilds are a important part of the game (allowing Funcom to attract players with new guild features).
  • 46.83% of the players have already finished their Tier 3 Keep, but the majority (59.06%) still feels that the amount of materials required to complete a T3 village is too high. I agree with this, since the resource grind is pretty terrible - on the other hand, I think T3 shouldn't be an easy goal to achieve.
  • Most of the players found the crafting skills to be either "Not Enjoyable" (Alchemy, Armorsmithing, Gemcutting and Weaponsmithing) or "Very Unenjoyable" (Architecture). Ouch. I agree with one thing here, crafting is boring.
  • Majority of the survey takers (46.66%) believe that after appointing Craig Morrison as the Game Director, there have been "Signs of Improvements".
See the full survey hosted on Google Docs here, or read the forum thread: US / EU.


Allan Anderson said...

Heh, of course, these polls are of people who read the forums. I wonder how many players there are for every active forum reader. But the questions are very good ones. Hey, have you had a chance to play with the crafting stuff since the patch changed it? Also, how about that Ymir's Pass coming out tomorrow? I have a 40 Barbarian...I might have to get her up to those levels with speed!

Andrew said...

Not that much, but I'm glad that as an Alchemist I can finally make stuff that can't be bought from NPCs. Too bad I don't have Armorsmithing since it seems they get to make all that cool new gear :(

Ymir's Pass never interested me all that much since I have two characters higher than that zone's level. But sure, more content is always great.

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