November 30, 2008

Vote for Age of Conan as best RPG of the year

Voodoo Extreme @ IGN is holding a "RPG of the Year" poll. Interestingly, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is among the nominees. Head there if you want to place a vote:

Click here for the Role-Playing Game of the Year poll.

Okay, let's face it - the poll does not make much sense. Single-player RPGs, such as Fallout 3, Mass Effect, or The Witcher are lumped together with MMORPGs like WoW: WotLK, Warhammer Online and AoC. I think everyone will agree that MMORPGs are very different from single-player roleplaying games and deserve their own category. If anything, I would group them with other MMO games instead of single player RPG ones. Then of course there are those annoying full screen ads before you even reach the poll (blast you, IGN!). Still, those things aside, if you enjoy AoC - why not show your support to the game? Even Funcom wants you to do it.

Personally, it wasn't a tough choice at all. Of the games listed, I've only played Mass Effect (which I quite liked) and Warhammer Online (which I still enjoy, fast paced PvP and earning titles is very fun) - and, of course, AoC which provided the best entertainment value for me so far (even though I'd argue whether it's any good roleplaying-wise). I admit I haven't ever played any Fallout game at all, so the craze of FO3 fans is kind of lost on me. As for my personal opinion, I think Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir was the best RPG of the year!

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