October 6, 2008

Interview with Craig Morrison

TenTonHammer has posted a short interview with the Game Director of AoC, Craig "Silirrion" Morrison. It doesn't contain any important information or updates, but you can learn a bit more about Craig's background (he's been playing MMORPGs ever since Meridian 59 came out in 1996, apparently), and what exactly does the job of a Game Director involve. The plans for further Age of Conan evolution are also mentioned: PvP, battlekeep siege, and guild functionality are the areas Funcom will be focusing on... PvP combat being the most important part:

I think for my part the main areas that I will be trying to focus on will be more of the MMO mechanics that we can advance further. Bringing in more guild and community functionality and continuing to build on the PVP and Siege sections of the game, I think we have a great deal of potential there to really make the players involved in the world they inhabit. Conflict I think is a key factor for a game world to maintain long term interest and the world created by Robert E Howard for the Conan universe just cries out for that conflict to be expanded upon and developed.
Another interesting topic is the server merges. The letter to the AoC community already mentioned them in the passing, but it seems we'll have to wait a little longer for them to happen:
We covered that a little in my latest letter to the community. We are looking at it, but the details are still being worked on, but we will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we have the details. It was addressed because we saw that many players were indeed asking the question, so we felt it was worth addressing. I wanted to acknowledge the community and let them know that while we don’t have the ‘immediate’ plans as it were it is being discussed and considered, and we will make sure we do what is right to ensure the best playing experience for our players!
Go to TenTonHammer.com to read the whole interview.


NaturalChaos said...

Server merges already? This does not bode well for AoC.

Openedge1 said...

Server merges already? This does not bode well for AoC.

Yes, and No...actually.

It seems players have been migrating to specific servers already which has been making other servers look extremely empty.
Also, Funcom really released way too many servers at launch as they were inundated with players wanting to get on.
There is no doubt there has been loss, but right now it is not as bad as it sounds.

I play on Set, and I am in a guild that averages 70 - 100 players at a time. That is impressive.

So, the game may be low on players, but server merges can only be a good thing.

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