October 30, 2008

Developer Diary #6: PvP Notoriety

It has been a while since last Developer Diary was released; in fact, I believe it was even before the launch of AoC (quick check says it was on 14th March this year). I was a bit surprised to see that they chose to continue this tradition and release a new Developer Diary months later; then again, the last update is a pretty big one.

Number 6 has Craig Morrison and the crew talking about the recent PvP updates, and the PvP notoriety (murder) system which was just patched yesterday. Watch it on YouTube below or download the high quality version from the official Age of Conan website.

Funcom have been releasing various interviews and updates on the PvP in Age of Conan for a while, but you might still find some parts of this one interesting, even if you have been following all the news. They touch the subject of redemption in this Diary, which I think is one of the most interesting parts of the update. Instead of killing a set number of monsters or waiting to reduce your "murder points" like in some other MMOs, you will have to redeem yourself by doing race-specific quests. I'm glad to be a Stygian since their way of redemption is simply scaring the sh*t out of law-keepers and forcing them to accept you back into your city. Awesome - well, probably the first 50 times you have to do it, anyway.

Speaking of PvP Notoriety, here are the full October 29th patch notes on it if you missed them:
  • The Notoriety system will be introduced in update. You can be flagged as a Criminal or Murderer depending on your actions in PvP.
  • Criminals and Murderers can trade with their guild NPCs, and with shady merchants and bankers.
  • Murderer Resurrection Points have been added, and are marked on the minimap. Murderers can only resurrect at these locations. Other players cannot see murderer resurrection points unless they are also murderers.
  • PvP XP is now split between all attacking groups and individuals, based on their relative damage.
  • Outlaw camps have been added in several adventure playfields and hubs, for use by Murderers
  • Outlaw camp vendors sell green and blue potions.
  • A player attacking another, who is of too low level to yield PvP XP to the attacker., will now be flagged as a criminal for a few minutes.
  • The cost for using shady teleporters is relative to the number of murderpoints the player has.
  • When you are in a playfield that is too high level for you, you will receive a debuff called Free Prey. While this debuff is on you, attackers are free to kill you without being penalized with criminal status or murder points.
  • All guards should attack murderers now.
  • Redeemer npcs in the Outlaw camps will give murderers quests which will enable them to reduce their murderpoints.
  • When awarding PvP xp to a group of players, the base XP is now calculated based on the highest level character in the group (similar to how PvE XP is calculated).
  • Guards can now use ranged weapons.
  • It should no longer be possible to engage in pvp on pvp servers inside raid instances.
  • No PvP xp reward will be given if a guard helped you kill someone.
  • The criminal buff will be reset to 5 minutes if you hit your target again while you have the buff.
  • All guards in Conall's Valley, Conarch Village, Old Tarantia, and Khemi will now attack players when appropriate.
  • If you are a Murderer you will have access to a Criminal chat channel.
  • Criminals will never get help from a guard (when attacked by players and NPCs).
  • Innocents will get help from guards when getting attacked (by players and NPCs).
Refer to this forum thread for the whole list (it's pretty long).

I have to say I was pretty skeptic back when they announced the PvP consequence patch a few months earlier. I thought the FFA PvP was great as it was: no restrictions, and no rewards which would encourage PvP farming. I did like this second part of the update right away though; it looks well thought-out, especially things like Free Prey debuff, which should prevent low level players from purposely turning others into murderers.


NaturalChaos said...

It's about time they put out another update and it certainly seems like a good one, if you're on a PvP server. For those of us that aren't most of this is irrelevant. I have yet to read the full patch notes but hopefully it includes some new high level content and LOTS of bug fixes! A guy can dream can't he?

Yasmina said...

This patch certainly changed a lot of things, but I haven't had much of a chance to experiment with it more than a couple of hours. How do you feel about it after a few days? I guess that the biggest thing aside from the notoriety system would have to be the combo changes.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there was an exploit with the new update that allowed some players to grind up to the pvp level 5. Funcom have patched it, but it still leaves a lot of players at a pvp level that will be incredibly hard for everyone else to get to.

A bit depressing. Hope Funcom do something to balance it back out.

Andrew said...

I'm generally pretty happy with it. It brought a LOT of changes for Demonologists, so I'm still trying to figure them all out. But overall I'd say as a Conflagration Demonologist I got a power up. My roots are now mostly useless not only in PvP but in PvE as well, but other stuff makes up for it. In fact, I should probably write a post about it :)

Andrew said...

...And they seem to be taking action (rollbacks) against the exploiters :) Nice.

Anonymous said...

I inadvertently became a murderer last night protecting some guild lowbies from gankers. And i really wasn't trying to kill the buggers... just distract them! ;-)

Anyway, racking up 100 murder points is pretty easy... probably less than 6 kills? I was a murderer in no time, and i got to say, it does add another element to the game! You definitely become more furtive, sneaking past guards in main cities, using secret entrances/exits to areas i never knew existed previously, being FAR more careful around other players :).

Probably the biggest downside was the cost of travelling. 10 silver per trip to use the smuggler for a level 79. That adds up. Also it seems a lot of the missions for redeeming yourself are bugged, however you can reduce your murder points through grinding creatures... for me, i went to the villas.


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