September 22, 2008

Jørgen Tharaldsen on the future of AoC

IGN's Connanvault has just posted an interview with Jørgen Tharaldsen, the Product Director for Age of Conan. The video was recorded at this year's Austin Game Developer's Conference which took place on September 14-18. Jørgen mostly spoke about the current state of the game and the upcoming content, such as the new PvP system and additional areas. Gaute's resignation and the just-released Warhammer Online have also been discussed, among other things. Watch it on YouTube below or head to IGN.

Here's a condensed version of the interview:
  • Now that there's no rush to meet the deadlines, Funcom is taking things slower and making sure that each new feature is complete and polished.
  • The main goal of Funcom is for Age of Conan to be a top MMO (a strong number 2, since they don't plan on competing with World of Warcraft).
  • The upcoming content includes PvP updates (which are coming out in stages) and new areas made to fill the content gaps, such as Ymir's Pass, House of Crom or Tarantia Commons. No exact dates are given, but most of this should come out this year.
  • Guild Sieges are a big priority of Funcom; they are working on balancing them and ensuring smooth performance with 48x48 (for now) players in the field.
  • Only 3 people in Funcom are working on the Age of Conan expansion. It's in the initial stage of developing and the release date is unknown at this time. The rest of the team are still working on improving existing content.
  • Gaute is leaving game developing for good and going back to psychology. Leave it to him to deal with AoC addicts!
When talking about Warhammer Online, Jørgen also bragged about Funcom pwning the EA Mythic team in an FPS game. Way to go!


NaturalChaos said...

More talk.... I'm not believing anything until I see it in the patch notes!

Anonymous said...

The development team at AoC is simply awesome. The push to get the game out the door always kills any good project. Putting things back in the developers hands (removing deadlines) is the right thing to do.

That said... Forcing a video driver upgrade (latest version of direct x) is not so bright. That probably wiped out the remaining subscriber base.

Try focusing on game development with out the latest video drivers... just a suggestion.

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