September 10, 2008

Age of Conan PvP gear screenshots

Since the AoC PvP patch is supposed to come out some time 'very soon', I thought I would post screenshots of those cool and sexy new PvP sets and their stats and PvP level requirements. Here they are (yes, I'm aware that quality of some of those pictures is pretty bad):

Barbarian PvP set:

Bear Shaman PvP set:
Dark Templar PvP set:
Herald of Xotli PvP set:
Necromancer PvP set:
Priest of Mitra PvP set:
Ranger PvP set:
Tempest of Set PvP gear:
Assassin PvP set:
Demonologist PvP set:
 Guardian PvP set screenshot:
Conqueror PvP gear screenshots:
Screenshots of PvP weapons:
Screenshots of PvP jewelry and cloak:

What can I say; while the stats of those items are pretty good, the looks of the most are simply gorgeous. Also, it's pretty interesting to see a +magic dmg glaive (a polearm) for Tempests; most of them have been using 1 handed + a shield up till now, as far as I've seen. As for Demonologists, I see we have a choice between a staff and a dagger + talisman; the difference is minimum, with the staff adding a bit more magical health and mana tap, while the dagger/talisman combo adds some more intelligence and natural mana regen.


Thules said...

Not too shab! I wish someone had screenshots of what the armor sets LOOKED like when worn.

(Particularly for a Guardian, hehe!)

gourmet popcorn said...

I was big fan of this game

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