August 12, 2008

Age of Conan GM fired for cybersex with a player

When I first heard about an Age of Conan GameMaster having cybersex with a player, I was sure it was a fake, so I didn't pay it much attention at all. After all, what sane GM would spend time doing something like this when they should, I don't know... Be busy working on answering those petitions, maybe?

Turns out all of it was true though. While the beginning looked more like some fooling around from both parties, the GM later did, in fact, tell the player to... Well, see for yourself (be aware, this contains some explicit language):

To []: No, in game =[
[|GM|]: your panties wont come off in real life :)
[|GM|]: oh…
[|GM|]: I’ll just have to tear them off and have my way lol
To []: YES!!!
To []: Whip out your massive sword too.
[|GM|]: ROFL
[|GM|]: lol you like?
[|GM|]:you been a bad girl?
To []: I’ve never been a good girl.
[|GM|]: oh very nice. But you know you will have to be spanked right?
[|GM|]: Hmm take me out and put me in your mouth’
To []: !
To []: Not till you spank me with your sword!
[|GM|]: hmm you are bad.
[|GM|]: what if I rip your panties off and **** you hard till I am satisfied?
To []: That sounds perfect
To []: Going to use clobber? :P
[|GM|]: Want to feel you get really we so I can put just the head of my **ck inside you and use my hand to slowly move it around before plunging it fully into you and making you take it all.
You can read the full transcript at the forum topic. The player soon admits that he's a male and proceeds to have fun at the GM's expense, who then finally realizes he's been had. Classic.

There's more to the situation though, and I found out about it just yesterday when the author of this prank (known in Age of Conan as Fastolf) told the whole story to . You can find screenshots of higher quality than those in the topic there, plus, you learn some scary details about the whole thing. Apparently, after threatening the GM to post the screenshots online, Fastolf asked him to transfer 100 in-game gold to his character. Sure enough, it was there within 24 hours. Can you say corruption?

While Fastolf shared his plans to leave AoC and start e-whoring on Andorhal in WoW instead, the story doesn't end so nicely for the GM in question. According to the interview Funcom's representative Erling Ellingsen gave to a Norwegian magazine ITaven (original/translation), the Game Master we only know as Acendedlion has lost his job.


Anonymous said...

I just counted the number of people who care. So basically I didn't count at all.

NaturalChaos said...

I can't tell you how hilarious I find this story. At first I thought it was a fake but I was secretly hoping it was true. Now that I know it is... How can anyone be so stupid as to think it's a good idea to cyber with your customers?!?!?!

I'm glad he got fired and I'm glad we could all get a laugh at his expense. :)

The All Powerful Lord Ryuuko said...

So then, Let me get this straight, AoC staff are f***ing their customers, right? That shows that the Staff probably are abusing their powers, any fans among the members?

Andrew said...

Well, I don't know, the customer seemed pretty willing to me :) Look at it this way: you can't get such 'services' from a GM in any other MMORPG!

Anonymous said...

lol. this is fantasy

Andrew said...

That infamous GM was even featured on TheNoobComic :)

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