July 3, 2008

Weekly poll - player class

Let's find out the most (and least) popular classes with this week's AoCBlog poll. Since it has been over a month since the launch of Age of Conan, I expect most players will have found the most appealing class for them. Personally, I'm still sticking with my Demonologist - the damage it can deal isn't what I expected (considering the squishiness of the class) but it's still the closest to offensive mage that I usually like to play in MMOs.

The last week's poll was about Age of Conan rating. The result was 3.39/5 or 6.78/10, a respectable score, but nothing like the ratings most gaming portals have been giving to AoC. There barely were any 'best' votes (5), but the majority of players gave it a 4, which shows they still enjoy the game despite it's flaws. I think this kind of rating reflects the current state of the game much better than, say, 9.4 that Gamezone gave it.

On another note, I'm finally done with my exams, so I'll have more time for all the good stuff (including AoC), and of course getting back to regular posting here in AoCBlog.


Anonymous said...

Teabag has been officially banned from the AOC (Age of Conan) forms for speaking out against Funcom supporting Gold Selling.

Blog it and spread the word Funcom supports Gold Farmers and Gold Selling!

Andrew said...

How does Funcom support gold selling?

Openedge1 said...

Yea...I am sure Teabag is not the only one..lol

I can go through a veritable list of bans for reasons like
"Fix the game"
"Game population"

Pretty bad.
Hope Funcom has some major tricks up their sleeves to get this game on track!

Daniel Jepsen said...

Yea that sucks

But well thinks its gonna be okay


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