July 10, 2008

Weekly poll - game content

This week's poll is about the type of game content you prefer (PvE or PvP). As you know Age of Conan has both (in form of endgame raiding and massive PvP siege combat) which is probably a nice strategy since it attracts different kinds of players. Personally, I'm playing on a PvP server, but I have some interest in PvE content as well (even though I'm not really a raiding player). Let's see what other players think!

Last week's poll was about the character classes. Here are the results:

I found some of these surprising. Tempest of Set and Priest of Mitra being the most played classes wasn't a surprise at all, but strangely Guardian made it into top 3 as well. Assassin is one of the least played classes, and that makes sense considering their poor performance in PvE and PvP.


Ramajay said...

The colors on that chart are too close to each other. Can't tell which class is which.

Need to use some shading as well I think.

Gus said...

or just make this a list....
It's difficult to read

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