July 14, 2008

My conflagration demonologist build

Seeing how I introduce myself as a demonologist in the blog description, I thought it wouldn't hurt to actually tell a little about my character. He's a short guy who lives in Wildsoul and enjoys setting things on fire. Here are a few screenshots from his endless wandering around Hyboria looking for more flammable stuff:

Demonologist in Kheshatta Demonologist in Tortage
Demonologist in Khopshef Demonologist in Conarch Village

As I'm sure you already understood, I'm playing a conflagration demonologist. Us demonologists are forced to specialize in one school of magic (either fire or lightning) by means of reducing our magical rating severely, and then buffing it with a spell - but only either for lightning or fire this time. It is theoretically possible to use both schools effectively by putting 5/5 points into Archmage feat (general Mage tree), but I don't see much point in that, not to mention you won't have enough points to get the 'good' feats in both Havoc and Conflagration trees. Note that magical rating plays no role in PvP, so even conflagration demonologists will be able to use some lightning spells (most notably Shockstrike and Storm Roots) to their full effect (minus all the bonuses given by Havoc tree, of course).

Personally I went the "fire" route right from the beginning since it's effects just seemed so much "cooler" to me than those of lightning. That is to say, I would have stuck with conflagration even if it was considered the weaker tree, but it really isn't. Both Havoc and Conflagration have their uses, with Havoc delivering a bit less dps but having better CC and I believe higher burst (temporary) damage as well. Here are the main good points (in my opinion, of course) of the Conflagration tree:

  • Gates of Hell: awesome 10 second root that also damages your enemies.
  • Let Them Burn: powerful channeled AoE spell, great against groups of mobs or players.
  • Set's Chosen: -50% to the damage dealt to the demonologist by his Pact with Set and Bloody Pact with Set buffs (with 5/5 points invested). Makes you able to deal damage with Pacts on without commiting suicide!
  • Phase Out: a buff to your Planar Shift spell, with 2/2 points invested the spell will now give you 50% evade (as well as other bonuses) for 6 seconds.
  • Hell's Blood: boosts the Vile Ambrosia buff given by your pet. This gives all your group a very nice in and out of combat regeneration.
  • Greater Flames: doubles the cast time of your main single-target nuke (Fires of Gehenna) and increases it's damage by 200%. The only feat in Conflagration that allows us to actually deal some serious burst damage.
  • Combustion: with 2/2 points, this makes your Hellfire Stream an instant-cast spell, although it reduces the cooldown to 3 seconds. This increases your dps as well as gives you a second (!) instant-cast spell for PvP in addition to Shockstrike.
I'm only a few bars from hitting lvl80. and here's the demonologist build I decided to use. Note that I'm missing Hell's Blood from the list of good feats above - I decided to get Chaos Imps instead, and haven't really found where else to take points from. If you decide to use this build by any chance, you might want to consider putting only one point into Gates of Hell (the rest don't seem to do much at all, although some say they increase the damage dealt by GoH slightly) and get Hell's Blood instead. My alternate build would be this one; Fields of Fire isn't that useful at all, but I'd probably take any feat that boosts my nuke, no matter how slightly. Alternatively you can take those 3 points from Fields of Fire and put them wherever you want.

As you can see I haven't put any points in the hate reduction talents and Misdirection. This is a build mostly for group PvP, or so I'd like to think. I only got to lvl80 just now, and it will also take a while for my guild to "grow" enough to be able to participate in any real mass PvP, so I am yet to test it out there. I seem to be doing alright in 1vs1 and PvP minigames though - for a demonologist, anyway :-)


Anonymous said...

well ty for giving the lenght of the planar shift spell when it has feat points in it! been looking for ever to find out

Andrew said...

It's one of the best investment to make in your Conflagration tree I believe. Now if only Planar Shift lasted longer than 6 seconds :)

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