July 7, 2008

Age of Conan Quick Start

I have been using AoCQS for a while and I really love it since it saves so much time when launching Age of Conan. This cool little program lets you skip intro videos automatically and even start the game without the annoying scan of local files. It also has a number of other interesting options, such as performance-boosting ones (which I have enabled, although I haven't noticed much of an FPS increase) and stability-related tweaks like automatic deletion of the shader cache before each launch.

Age of Conan Quick Launch
I'm usually very cautious when it comes to software like this, but AoCQS seems safe enough. At any rate, a huge number of people (over 30k) are using it. You can download the program from ConanMods and even get support from the author in the official forums.


NaturalChaos said...

This looks like a great app, thanks for pointing it out! When I re-activate my account I'm definitely going to give this a try.

Andrew said...

Looks like there's no more ConanMods.com, and I'm not sure about the future of this mod.

Anonymous said...

yeah, fucking gay, the website is gone and I need the mod really badly

Anonymous said...

The development of the original version has stop, you can find the new version here =>

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