July 17, 2008

17th July patch - PvP stats and attributes

The 17th July patch introduced a number of new things to the game, improved UI, Line-Of-Sight check at the end of spell casts, and various bug fixes among them. A whole new PvP stat window and a separate bar for PvP exp were added as well, although it seems these aren't working at all yet.

I'm not sure if these new PvP attributes (such as invulnerabilities or health/mana/stamina taps) will only be gained from new PvP gear, or from old PvE/crafted gear as well. The latter seems more likely to me; some sort of modifier could also be applied. For example, a gear which gives 1% invulnerability in PvE could give only half that amount in PvP. This is of course only speculation; I really hope Funcom will soon provide reliable and detailed info on a major addition to the game like this.

Now for a bit of a laugh, mouse over the new attributes in your PvP tab and you will see things like "ShieldChemicalAC", "ShieldNanoAC", and so on. It seems Funcom did a splendid Copy>Paste job from their 7 year old sci-fi MMORPG, Anarchy Online!


Bildo said...

Okay... now THAT is funny.

NaturalChaos said...

Given how Anarchy Online turned out this doesn't make me feel any better about Age of Conan's future :|

NaturalChaos said...

I just added you to my blogroll :)

Daniel Jepsen said...

hehe nice blog..


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