June 18, 2008

Weekly poll - leveling speed

It's time for the weekly AoCBlog poll again! This week's question is really simple - what is the level of your main Age of Conan character? Leveling in AoC seems pretty fast to me, too fast even - but maybe that makes sense for an MMORPG which is concentrated on the endgame content. Then again, there doesn't seem to be much endgame content implemented yet. Let's see just how many people rushed through the levels - you will find the poll on the sidebar to the right.

As for the last week's question, it was about the performance of Age of Conan. I asked if people were happy with how AoC runs on their PCs (considering the hardware, of course) and here are the results we got:

Are you happy with Age of Conan's performance?

: 28
Somewhat: 18
No: 28

Total Votes: 74

As you can see, only 38% of the players who voted on the poll are happy with how AoC runs on their computer - the results are not unexpected, I might say. While it's true that Age of Conan has beautiful graphics and because of that requires a powerful system to run smoothly, even people with modern PCs are sometimes experiencing problems. I know that for a fact as I had some trouble with my ATI Radeon 3870 and Age of Conan myself.

I should probably note that this poll won't necessary be accurate as only 74 gamers have voted; however, I'm pretty happy with the result as it is the very first poll I posted on my blog, and expect a lot more votes in the future :-)


George said...

I enjoy the quests because they are spread out and I can see the world rather than just one area.Time to level is fine.

Openedge1 said...

I agree with George

Also performance has been good for me. I have played with a few things to get there.

I am sorry about the ATI issues, but I just read on the forums, they are aggressively following that.
I did see new drivers as well, so might be time to check those out.

I moved my ATI 3870 to my Media PC, and it works great for video...but not so much for games.

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