June 26, 2008

Weekly poll - game rating

This week I'll ask you to rate Age of Conan on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being best and 1 being worst). Take everything into account: not only the overall game quality, but the "fun factor" as well. You can find the poll on the sidebar to the right. Note: there are some problems with IE7 users not being able to vote; to fix them, you have to add http://www.google.com to the "Trusted Sites" list of Internet Explorer. My apologies for the inconvenience (yeah right... about time you sir got Firefox!).

The last week's question was about leveling speed. I made a pie chart about it since I like pie.

I expected even more players to be in the 61-80 range already, but it looks like 41-60 is still the largest so far. Frankly, the leveling speed seems a tad too fast to me. Most people however counter that with the fact that Age of Conan is all about "endgame" (raids and massive PvP sieges) so you want to get there as soon as you can. I just hope once I get there, most of the features will be working.


George said...

Good Article. I am glad whenever you post. Hopefuly you will gain some commercial support for your site and bring on more writers and contributors.

I am still level 28, I find it hard to juggle a full time, and wife and an AoC Account.

When I was single and in school I hand no problem leveling two Paladins in WoW.

Openedge1 said...

You may wish to take this poll again, or better yet a poll on how many canceled today thanks to Funcoms horrid mistakes.

They truly shot themselves in the foot. I was an avid supporter of this game, and still feel it could be good, but for Funcom as a company I lost all respect.

I plan to watch the many blogs that discuss AoC to see if anything changes, but for now, I cannot stand behind a developer who could care less what their customer wants.

Cheers mate!

Andrew said...

Thank you for your comments!

Commercial support, hm, I should think about that :)

Openedge1, I guess you mean all the issues that we were having today, random DCs every 5 minutes and all that. I agree, it was really terrible, but I logged off soon and ended up not getting my daily AoC dose. Saved me a lot of frustration it seems.

I'm pretty disapointed that their patches fix a few minor things but introduce a whole lot of new problems (what about testing the patch before applying it, for Pete's sake!) and this was by far the worst patch ever!

But at least they compensated everyone with 1 free day of gameplay :)

I heard from some AO (Anarchy Online, developed by Funcom as well) players that it's a common thing for such problems to occur on patching days. Funcom needs to smarten up because AoC is a much bigger and more ambitious project, the players won't be so forgiving like few fans of niche MMORPG like AO.

Openedge1 said...

Nail, Head...you know the analogy.

And you have it.

Conan proved to be a big license, and they shot themselves in the foot by treating it like AO.

I love the game, but have zero confidence in Funcom.
But, please keep writing, and let me stay informed on if after 30 days will it be worth it to come back and see whats happening.

Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

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