June 11, 2008

Weekly poll - game performance

This post is the first one in series of weekly polls that I will be posting on every Wednesday. I might even make a nice-looking chart with some comments on last week's results next time! This is just an experiment, so we'll see how it goes. If you want to vote in the poll, just look at the sidebar on your right.

This week's question is: are you happy with Age of Conan's performance? Do you feel it runs as well on your PC as it should, considering your graphics settings and hardware specs?

My answer to this question would have been "no way!" a few days ago (if you read my post "performance issues", you'll know why) but installing 64 bit Vista has done nothing short of a miracle in improving the performance of the game. While it could be much better, now the game runs at least close to what I'd expect from my system. Hopefully this will only improve in the future!

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George said...

I have an 8800GT which I consider is the minimum card necessary to run the game at High Settings at 1680 x 1050.

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