June 16, 2008

Age of Conan Powerpoints system

I assume most of you got Clan of Conan #17 in your e-mails already; if not, you can always just read it online. It is really an important issue as it outlines some of the biggest upcoming additions to the game. Putting the additional quests, voice-overs, some new dungeons and UI polishing aside, it boils down to three major additions - Kingship (and the whole guild alliance system coming with it), PvP consequences and Powerpoints.

Powerpoints seem to be an alternate advancement system that should give you something to do after you hit lvl80, among other things. Here's a condensed version of how you can obtain these:

  • By having an active subscription (1 Powerpoint / week for every character)
  • By having many guild members (1 Powerpoint / week for every guild member, provided 100 or more guild members login at least once a week)
  • By owning a battlekeep (1 Powerpoint / week for every guild member)
  • By winning PvP mini-games (1 Powerpoint / every 40th mini-game you win after lvl40)
  • Post-level 80 reward system (1 Powerpoint / each level you advance beyond 80)
As you can see, there are numerous ways to earn Powerpoints; and everyone will be earning at least some of these since they come weekly with your subscription, too. "Grinding" beyond lvl80 will probably provide diminishing returns (since experience required to "level up" increases with every "level", or should I say, Powerpoint you get); grinding mini-games, on the other hand, could be harder than it seems, unless you do it with a group of friends. Being in a big guild looks like your best bet if you want to benefit from this new system.

The best part is, of course, using Powerpoints to your benefit. Here's what you can do with them:
  • Buy Powerfeats which can give your character new buffs and abilities
  • Use limited offers that Funcom will put into the game regularly to buy special items, mounts or even spells
  • Buy exclusive items using a combination of gold and Powerpoints
  • Turn gathered pearls into Powerpearls and socket your weapons with these (funnily, this does seem to apply only to pearls but not any other gems, so save up your pearls, folks!)
  • Convert Powerpoints into "rested experience" for faster leveling.
Personally, I believe leveling is fast enough as it is, so I expect most people to use their Powerpoints in order to improve their characters or items and make them stronger in end-game PvP or raids.

Overall the Powerpoint system looks to me like a nice addition to the game - it is made to reward veteran players (the longer you play, the more Powerpoints you gain) and obviously as a means to keep those subscriptions active. It also seems to rely on guilds a lot, proving that Age of Conan is very much a guild warfare based MMORPG.

You can start earning Powerpoints once your "free" month is up and your subscription starts, but note that you won't know how much of them you actually have until they add a tracker in the interface by the end of June. Visit the official Age of Conan website for more info on Powerpoints.

Coming up next post is Kingship - once I read up and find out more info on it.


George said...

Thanks for the Blog. I can read it at work. Keep up bro.

Openedge1 said...


Wonder if the itemization will be coming soon...I would like more unique armor and weapons to wield..

Maybe this could also go in line with the power points.

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