May 15, 2008

New Age of Conan spellweaving video

Do you remember when spellweaving was revealed and explained by an official source? I sure was happy to hear that it would be in the game. There also was a short clip attached of a caster spellweaving, but I didn't really understood it at that time. Turns out all the cool effects actually came from spellweaving itself, as explained very well in the video below. It's from Age of Conan launch party which was yesterday as far as I know. Just watch it - it's amazing.

It really looks so much better when they demonstrate it from the beginning, and you can see the power of the caster growing with every 10-second transition. I believe that's a Priest of Mitra spellweaving here, and since the player in the first video (Necromancer, or maybe Tempest of Set?) had dark stones rising from ground, it's clear that every class will have a really unique spellweaving animation.

Like Gaute says in the video above, it does look like spellweaving will mostly be used in raids. I hope it will also work well in group PvP like Keep Siege. I don't think that you will be using it a lot in regular encounters since it makes you immobile, drains your stamina and gives you a 25% damage bonus - not that good considering the downsides - but perhaps it's for the better that you won't see statues falling out of the sky everywhere.

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Andrew said...

I was wondering, is anyone bothered by the amounts of magic in this game, considering it's based on books by Robert E. Howard where magic was more scarce?

Personally, I love spell effects so I think spellweaving looks really amazing and cool. I bet it would make anyone want to play a caster :)

It's just that some people seem like they expected a low-magic game where you cut off heads and don't do much flashy stuff.

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