May 18, 2008

Age of Conan RvR servers (Culture PvP ruleset)

In a completely unexpected move (for me, at least) Funcom released a new server ruleset called "Culture PvP". Like the name implies, the ruleset will stimulate war between the three nations in Age of Conan (Cimmeria, Aquilonia and Stygia). The new Culture PvP servers are Bane (US) and Twilight (EU). Funcom says that the rules are still subject to change and this is merely an experiment; they will decide everything based on player feedback and make according changes in the future.

I must add that the current rules are nothing like full-fledged RvR (Realm versus Realm). If you are not in a party, you may not be attacked by other lone players of your nationality - and right now, that's the only difference between a FFA PvP server and this new Cultural PvP. You may still form parties with players of any race, and when you are in a party, you may attack (and be attacked) by your own race, too. Forming guilds across cultures is allowed as well.

These rules might seem a bit weird, but it looks like they are just a step in the evolution to real RvR ruleset servers in Age of Conan. The official news release says that "pure culture" guilds are endorsed on the new Culture PvP servers, and players must "
prepare that the future will hold continued changes to the ruleset".

I'll say this again, I was pretty surprised by the move. Ever since I first learned about Age of Conan two years ago, I knew that it was going to be a FFA PvP game. There wasn't ever an indication that it would be something else. Granted, some people thought that FFA model would never work well in an MMORPG, but even more players (like Shadowbane or Ultima Online veterans) were eagerly waiting for a new FFA-PvP MMO. Now Funcom wants to offer two vastly different PvP rulesets. Is that because they aren't confident in the success of their FFA-PvP model, or is this done merely to attract a wider audience of players?

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Openedge1 said...

This I think is a good move...IF PEOPLE follow it.
This is really touch and go in regards to the PvP scene..
My only real issue at this point is that Funcom blew off the RP-PvE folks...and we hope that will change down the road..
But, the fact Funcom is still changing the game around at this stage I think is a GOOD move on their part...
Variety, ingenuity is key for todays MMO market...the same ole, same ole just will not work anymore..
Kudos Funcom!

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