May 14, 2008

Age of Conan Early Access update

According to Tarib's post on the official AoC forums, all the Early Access keys were sold out. That means if you didn't get it yet, you're probably out of luck. Personally, I got mine from a few days ago, and was able to link it to my old AO account without problems. Paid the 5 Euro fee, got the Funcom Download Manager and still am downloading the Early Access client. Yeah, 13 GB takes a while on my 2 mbps connection even at maximum speed (over 14 hours in theory), but I should be done this evening.

I read that some people are having problems like extremely low download speeds, so here are a few tips that might help if you are one of them:

  • Set a fixed port in the high range (10k+) using the instructions provided. Instead of having to use command line, you can simply create a shortcut to the client and add /port 12345 in the Target field of it's Properties, so it looks something like:
    "D:\My Downloads\AoC-EU-EarlyAccess.exe" /port 12345
  • Set your upload speed to be less than your maximum - around 80%-90% ideally; the Downloader doesn't give you precise control like full-fledged BitTorrent clients do, so just make sure it's the first setting that is less than your maximum upload speed. Be nice and don't set it too low if you can. Normally BitTorrent trackers punish you for low upload, but that doesn't really seem to be the case with the Downloader.
  • Make sure the fixed port you set is open - you might need to edit your firewall settings or set up port forwarding in your router, if you're using one. This will allow other peers to connect to you, increasing their download speed. Again, if you're "firewalled" or behind a router, your download speed suffers severely with normal BitTorrent clients, but that also might not be the case with Funcom's Download Manager since you're not only downloading from your peers, but from company's servers as well (otherwise it would take a hellishly long time with no one seeding).
  • Pause and start the downloader again. It's pretty "stupid" and it seems it's connecting to different peers or giving you different download speed from the server each time you start it.
  • If everything's working fine as it is, just chill out - and see you on Hyboria!
Before I forget, announcing the end of Early Access wasn't the only thing in Tarib's post. He also said this:
Pre-orders on accounts that was later cancelled will have their keys/account disabled
Honestly, I find this pretty funny since I never thought it was ethical to reserve a copy, receive your key to claim a bonus, and then cancel the preorder. This way you could collect a bunch of preorder bonuses for free; however, I think this only worked with US vendors since the ones in Europe (like Game in UK) ship their Mammoth and Rhino bonuses together with the box instead of sending them early by e-mail.

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