May 15, 2008

Age of Conan Early Access server list announced

The long-awaited server list has finally been posted, so now you and your guild can select the server on which you will be spending the majority of your free time in the upcoming months. I know that if you follow the news you have probably already seen this list like five times, but I'm posting it anyway:

US Servers

PvE Servers

  • Set
  • Dagoth
  • Zug
  • Omm
  • Derketo
  • Thog
  • Wiccana
  • Gwahlur (recommended Oceanic)
  • Anu
PvP Servers
  • Tyranny
  • Bane
  • Deathwisper
  • Bloodspire (recommended Oceanic)
  • Doomsayer
RP-PvP Server
  • Cimmeria
European English Servers

PvE Servers
  • Crom
  • Dagon
  • Ymir
  • Bori
  • Astoreth
PvP Servers
  • Fury
  • Wildsoul
RP-PvP Server
  • Aquilonia
French Servers

PvE Server
  • Ishtar
PvP Server
  • Ferox
RP-PvP Server
  • Stygia
German Servers

PvE Servers
  • Mitra
  • Asura
PvP Server
  • Aries
RP-PvP Server
  • Asgard
Spanish Server
  • Zingara (PvE)
Some things to note. First all all, I'm a bit disapointed in the lack of choice between European PvP servers. We only get two - does this mean there are so few PvPers who will be playing here? Well, Funcom knows best I guess. At any rate, I shouldn't complain seeing how Spanish guys are getting a PvE server only. Of course, all of this list is merely Early Access-enabled servers; at the official launch, many more will be added. I think you can expect the ones listed here to be the ones where biggest fans of the game will play and where the most serious guild warfare will take place.

Personally, I will be playing on Wildsoul as my guild decided on this one. See you there!

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GameZig said...

Hey there, just looking over the list of server myself to try to decide which I was going to play on, I see you are probably going to play in a Euro server, I'm going to be in a US server and trying to get a group together for early leveling, if you are interested in stopping in let me know:

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