May 5, 2008

6 days early access for Europeans

Funcom just announced that the Early Access date for those who preordered the EU version of the game has been moved forward to May 17th. What great news! This means we'll be getting not 3 days, but whole 6 days worth of a head start! For those confused, here's a reminder: Age of Conan will be released on 20th May in US and 23th May in Europe; early access used to be 3 days before these dates, but now both US and EU players will be able to start playing on 17th. The release date is not changed, of course.

To register for your Early Access account, you have to go to and enter your preorder key (such as Rhino or Mammoth key). Then you will be able to pay 5€ or 5$ and download the game. Speaking of keys, I still haven't received mine from; according to people at official AoC forums, none of UK suppliers have sent them out yet. One person mentioned 10th May, but I wasn't able to confirm the info and no one from GAME have replied to my e-mail so far. I think I should receive that key really soon so I'll just keep waiting.
Edited to add: actually, after browsing around I found out that they will in fact be sending out the keys on 10th May, not earlier. Glad that was clarified.

As for the 6 days of early access, what do you think will be the highest level reached before the rest of the players join the server? I fully expect someone who is hardcore and was in the beta to get as high as level 60; then again, I might be wrong because I haven't experienced the leveling speed first-hand and am only assuming this based on the estimate that it takes 240 hours of play time to reach the level cap (80).


Bildo said...

Lucky Euros... I'm still only getting 3 days /tear

Bildo said...

Oh, and I'm willing to bet you're right with the level 60 guess.

In the CB, there have been people there for years who can level from 1-80 in just a few days of playing. Though the XP rates have been turned down now, I still think its conceivable that someone will be near the top-end by the time the game officially launches on the 20th in the US or the 23rd in EU.

Anonymous said...

There is a level cap on early access to lvl 20 i believe

Andrew said...

I think it was removed, although I wouldn't bet my money on it :)

Bildo said...

Indeed it was removed. People complained quickly about that one.

Look out FFA PVP servers... gankage starts early, lol.

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