April 15, 2008

Retail Trailer and Tutorial Video

Funcom decided to give us, the fans a treat and and released two new videos - or I should say, they and Gamespot did. The first one is a short tutorial, showcasing and explaining different parts of the game's UI. It doesn't have a lot of information and is really basic, but seeing the interface in Age of Conan for the first time (yes, I'm not in beta) is very cool. The video is produced by Gamespot and you can find it right here, or watch it on YouTube:

The design and colors of the UI seem to match those of the character selection screen I wrote about in my previous post, so probably this part of the game is almost finished and won't change much till AoC is released. It looks pretty good; the only negative thing I could think of is the hotbar being pretty large and taking up a lot of space. Perhaps it's to show off their high resolution skill icons? Also I don't see much point in one-click Help and Friends buttons when you can use a keyboard shortcut for that (I'm the kind of player who prefers only the stuff I need for gameplay to be on the screen). You will probably be able to hide the unneeded elements of the UI though, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I was expecting something more from the second one, since it is titled the 'Retail Trailer', created for promoting the game with only a month left till it's release on May 20th. Turns out it mostly has edited and combined footage from previous trailers. Still, the soundtrack choice is great and I guess it captures the spirit of the game well. It has mounts, magic, demons, and even some nudity (the back of a topless girl with cute pigtails standing in water, and also a succubus - yes, I have an eye for such things). No decapitations though - I suppose that was necessary so they'd be able to show the trailer to a wider audience. Again, download the good quality version from the official site, or watch it on YouTube:

So, if you were new to AoC, would watching this trailer be enough to get you interested in the game? Personally, I'd at least look for some more info about it, since a mature MMORPG like this is something new and fresh.

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