April 21, 2008

Mitra's Method interviews Shannon Drake

There is a new interview posted on WarCry Network with Funcom's Community Manager, Shannon "Pharamond" Drake. It doesn't have too much juicy info, I'm afraid; Pharamond wasn't able to answer the question about Age of Conan going gold due to a 'stock market thing', and the question about the content of the game expansions due to fear of rabid, caffeine-addicted game developers attacking him. And it seems he cleverly evaded the question about whether Gaute got any better in PvP or not... Hey, sometimes silence is an answer, too.

One interesting piece of information was about the PvP levels. Apparently, these aren't as much 'levels' as they are 'ranks' of sorts. They probably still add a few new feats for your character, but if you're lvl1 PvPer facing a lvl20 PvPer, he won't have much advantage because of his higher level at all - it's merely an indication that he's good at the game and managed to work his way up to the top. Which shouldn't be that hard when you think of it, because while you do lose PvP experience when you die at the hand of another player, you cannot 'delevel' - once you gain that new PvP level, it's yours to keep forever.

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