April 28, 2008

Joe "Adus" Hegarty on Age of Conan AI

I have been wanting to hear more about the great AI that Age of Conan is supposed to have according to the official site, so I was really interested in this interview with Joe "Adus" Hegarty, the AI designer from Funcom. Joe works on AI for level 1 to 40 NPCs, and it looks like they are creating a very realistic world, where NPCs follow the day/night cycle of Hyboria (parents getting their children home before the dark), have the priority of needs (safety first, food second, etc.) and even interact with other NPCs on streets. This part reminded me of Oblivion (great game, by the way) and I imagine the cities in Age of Conan will be very lively and feel realistic with all the random conversations going on around you.

The only thing concerning AI that I'd like to hear more about are the 'monster' NPCs. I got the impression that Joe was talking mostly about 'humanoid' NPCs and didn't elaborate on the monsters much. Is it still true that deer will graze and drink water, and be hunted by wolves? I read it on the official forums sometime before and I guess it's nothing more but a rumor, but still - it would be great if they applied the whole 'hierarchy of needs' thing to animals as well.


Bildo said...

From the videos I've seen, mate, there are even wolves who graze off of carcasses.

I'd say it's still in. Now, I'm sure it's not "dynamic" so much as scripted. But still helps add to the illusion, yeah?

Andrew said...

That sounds great, thanks for letting me know. It's one of those small things that have a 'wow' effect I'd say.

Great interview too, TTH always provides interesting info.

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