April 25, 2008

Hyborian Insider #2 (Friday Update)

This week's Friday Update is the second issue of Hyborian Insider with Erling Ellingsen, the Product Manager for AoC. He talks about Age of Conan PvP here - mostly mini-games, actually. Team Annihilation and Capture the Flag (or Skull, as they call it) are previewed in this video, as well as several locations for these, such as the Blood Ravine or the Lost Temple. We also get to see some pretty cool ranged combat footage where a Ranger keeps hitting his enemies with arrows from afar. Download the high quality video from the official site, or watch it on YouTube:

Two things caught my attention here (annoying jumping guy in the background aside). First, while PvP exp and levels are mentioned, Erling says nothing about PvP feats - only special items you can get if you have a high enough PvP level. Could it be that they're even more similar to WoW ranks now and don't give your character any new feats/skills at all? Second, it's the ease of using the queue system for the mini-games - which is a great thing, as these are mostly meant for casual gamers. Like Gaute explained in one of the videos (GDC 2008 presenation, I think) he wants people to be able to "login, jump right into PvP action, fight for 20 minutes and then log out" which is exactly what these games are good for.

Siege combat is also mentioned towards the end, but the footage is from an old trailer and Erling tells us to stay tuned for more info about it as AoC gets closer to launch.

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Anonymous said...

Not to be downer, as I absolutely love the game and can't wait for May 20th, but... I'm starting to worry that Siege Warfare won't make release day, and nor will Spellweaving.

I hope I'm proven wrong.

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