April 12, 2008

Friday Update: character selection screen video

It seems like Funcom doesn't want to give us much Friday Update love. This time they released a 16 seconds long, high resolution 3 MB video of the character selection screen. Yup, that's all. They rotate three of the characters (a Conqueror, a Herald of Xotli and a Barbarian) around for a bit so you can see their features and the armor they're wearing. According to the devs, this 'very latest, cutting-edge, ganked from the developer’s desktop' version isn't even in the beta yet and is still a work in progress, so we're supposed to be lucky to see it so early. That doesn't change the fact that it's still merely the character selection screen... Not too exciting.

On a brighter note, GAME finally announced their preorder bonus for those who reserved the 'normal' version of the game: a mammoth mount. Great news for me since I placed my preorder with them. Looking forward to raiding your city!

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