April 4, 2008

Friday update: 4 new screenshots

Most fans of Age of Conan probably check the Community Site on Fridays to read those eagerly awaited updates on the game. This time Funcom has listened to the questions about spellcasters that the forum members have been asking, so they have brought us... *drum roll* four new spellcaster screenshots!

Spellcaster screenshot 1 Spellcaster screenshot 3 Spellcaster screenshot 4 Spellcaster screenshot 2

Well, these certainly look awesome, but I find the update itself lacking. With just 45 days left till AoC goes gold (time sure flies fast!) and no official info on the new spellweaving system, I was expecting they would give us a preview of how that will work.

For those who didn't know, the original vision of spellweaving was combining multiple spells and all their effects into a single powerful one and unleashing it upon your foes - but that was changed along the way. All we know about the new one is that it's supposed to be 'similar to melee combo system'. If I remember correctly, this little tidbit of information was posted on some French site who had the honor to interview Funcom guys during GDC 2008. Hopefully we'll soon learn more - I'm very much looking forward to spellweaving with my Demonologist!


Anonymous said...

There was a reply on the forums from one of the devs regarding an NDA leak about how Spellweaving is getting ready for primetime, and should make launch.

Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I look forward to visiting this site for your comments on all the breaking AoC news. See you in Hyboria.

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