April 8, 2008

Customer Service and the Followers of Asura

 Edit: if you're just looking to join Followers of Asura, simply follow this link to their official website.

The TenTonHammer people sure know how to ask the right questions. I've learned more from this interview with Brian Lee (the Customer Service Manager for Funcom) than most of the recent ones on other sites put together, since they usually just recycle old questions and don't actually reveal anything new. Okay, the behavior policy and their attitude towards gold sellers is nothing special; it's very similar to other subscription based MMORPGs. As for the naming policy, Brian promises they will not allow profane names, names containing trademarked material, names containing numbers, and even names of characters from Conan books (hooray to that, I don't want hundreds of different variants of Conans and Thoth-Amons running around!). But of course, only time will show how well will that work. They can filter many of the names at the character creation screen, but people tend to get creative, and then catching the offenders will be up to GMs... And the Followers of Asura, of course.

Followers of Asura is probably the most interesting thing mentioned in this interview. No, it's not some dark cult - it is Funcom's volunteer program, similar to the ARK program in Anarchy Online. It will be up to these guys to report some more serious issues to the GMs, and also guide the little clueless noobies around the harsh world of Hyboria. Apparently, the program is already functioning, with the first Followers doing their work in General Beta. If you want to join, you will have to either get into beta, or wait till the game is released and then apply.

Another point of the interview that I found interesting is that according to Funcom's representative, they are going to punish excessive griefing. Again, I suppose it's nothing unexpected in MMOs which actually have customer support, but I wonder how that will work. Will lower level players report you often after you kill them? I don't intend to target a single guy for hours and stop him from enjoying the game, but I fully intend to kill some lowbies every now and then :-) Hey, who doesn't?

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binod said...

Hi there,
i am regular player of AoC. Today i couldn't open game it show me error message
"Missing file'localConfig.xml' in he client's installation folder.
contact Funcom Customer service. Error code 150."
What do i have to do to fix this problem.
contact email bialma2001@yahoo.com.au


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