April 16, 2008

Clan of Conan #15 with preorder information

The 15th issue of the Clan of Conan newsletter has just come out. Of course, it should have been sent to the e-mail boxes of the subscribers, but, like usual, I didn't receive it in my Yahoo! Mail. Thankfully you can just read it online on the official website. Preparing for the launch, it has all the info listed on preorder bonuses, mounts, the Collector's Edition, and the three days early access.

I'm especially glad the Early Access has been clarified by an official source. If you preorder Age of Conan, you are going to get a special key that will allow you to enter the world of Hyboria 3 days early (17th for US and 20th for EU) and play the game for 10 days before entering the game key from the physical box itself. This will apparently cost you 5 dollars or euros, and you will have to download the game a few days before the start. I'm pretty excited about this and plan to take advantage of early access (to own the noobies after the masses join the server, of course). At first I doubted whether GAME shop where I preordered provided this bonus, but it seems most of retailers do and you should get your key by they end of April.

But this brings my attention to another problem. You see, the early access costs $5 or 5 € - which is approximately 50% more. I do hope it doesn't mean US version will have a $15 monthly fee while playing on Euro servers would cost you 15 €. This would be pretty unfair towards European gamers!

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