April 18, 2008

Answers from Kalanthes #2 (Friday Update)

This Friday Update on the Community Site is a huge improvement over the previous one. Not only they posted a new batch of answers from Kalanthes, these are also pretty interesting and informative. They have information on Age of Conan system requirements, the look of armor and weapons, collision detection and hiding from ranged attacks, death and ressurection, day/night cycles, respecing feats, and finally, some new things about the mechanics of mounted combat. Here are the questions I found most interesting:

Hi Kalanthes,
I've heard conflicting information on mounted combat. Can archers shoot mounted?

The latest possible word from the mounted combat guy: Archers and spellcasters can both shoot/fire/cast spells when mounted. There are some limitations regarding what spells can be used (for spellcasters) and archers have a more limited targeting cone than they do on foot, but it is possible for both to “shoot” mounted.
What great news! I would hate to get my hopes up for nothing, but for now, I'll just assume that Athelan made a mistake when answering the questions about ranged mounted combat on his blog (hey, everyone's human). Shooting arrows and throwing spells from horseback really adds a whole new aspect to the game for ranged classes. Oh, and it seems Assassins and other dagger-users aren't going to be left out from the fun either:
Lets say you are using a class that can only use a dagger as it's main weapon. If you are on a horse, will you still be able to participate in mounted combat as far as hacking and slashing your opponents on the back of the mount?

You can still hack and slash away with a dagger from the back of a mount, if it’s one of the smaller mounts, and every class can use the mount’s attacks (kicks, tusks, etc.) to drive their enemies before them.
I imagine you won't be able to reach with your dagger as far as a polearm-wielding Guardian can, but it's still better than not being able to attack from horseback in melee range at all, isn't it?

Overall these are some good news for AoC Mages. Just don't get too excited or expect an 'overpowered' class, because it was also said that Mages have very few instant-cast spells, and probably have to stand still while casting. Now, if they just posted at least some info on spellweaving...

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