April 9, 2008

Age of Conan release date clarification

As AoC's release date draws closer and closer, another delay seems highly unlikely. Barring a catastrophe (like coffee spilled all over Funcom's servers) we should all be playing Age of Conan in another 40 days - and only 37 for those who have early access. Pharamond, the Community Manager, has also posted this in the official forums yesterday:

Nothing has changed.
Europe release date is the 23rd because you launch games on Friday in Europe.
US release date is the 20th because you launch games on Tuesday in the US.
Since that was a European site, they asked me about the European date.
There also have been rumors circulating in the forums based on a calendar seen in one Norwegian interview with Gaute Godager. According to those, AoC was supposed to have gone gold (burned to DVDs getting ready for release) yesterday. However, there was no announcement from the devs whatsoever, and nothing really happened on the 8th of April. What can I say - Funcom's 'gold' mark on the calendar might have been something they did for the lulz :-) (Why else would they show it to public!). Besides, 40 days before release might be a bit too early for mass production of the game. Anyway, here's a link to the interview if you understand Norwegian; the calendar shows up for a short time around 14:22. Gaute also says that he 'guarantees the game will be released on 20th May' at the end!

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