March 29, 2008

So, what's this all about?

Glad you asked! This is my new blog - AoCBlog dot com. First, let me introduce myself. I'm Andrew, a 20 year old guy from Europe. I'm a big fan of video games, and I especially enjoy fantasy RPGs and MMORPGs. I've played many of the popular titles, such as World of Warcraft and Lineage II, as well as some less known ones (including a multitude of free Asian MMOs, which I ended up being disgusted about in the end). Right now I'm not subscribed to any MMO game, because I'm just waiting for May 20th - and that's only 51 days away now - when Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is going to come out, and blood will be spilled, and heads will roll!

You might have guessed already that this blog will be about Age of Conan. That's right - it's all about this game, and other related things. I'm going to blog about any interesting news I find, post my own biased opinion sometimes (ah, the beauty and freedom of blogging), and of course write all about my impressions of the game when it comes out. You might even find an occasional story of me owning noobs in AoC, but I'll try to refrain from posting too much of those despite my leet skills*. I also plan to take a look at the competition of Age of Conan (other MMORPGs coming out this year) and compare them to AoC. It does look like it's going to be a busy year in the MMORPG market - watch out, WoW!

As for AoCBlog itself, here's some of the stuff you can find here. First, there's the Poll which I will update every two weeks or so with a new question. Second, we have the RSS feed which takes news from many different sources such as official Age of Conan community site, ConnanVault on IGN, TenTonHammer,, and Athelan's (one of the developers of AoC) blog on MMORPG dot com, and then a team of trained monkeys sort them by date and publish so you always get the hottest news. (Okay, no monkeys. It's actually just the old boring Yahoo! Pipes magic). Then we have some links and a list of preorders. Speaking of those, I already got mine reserved, meaning I should get the game three days early - sweet deal!

Finally, I'd like to say "hi!" to all Age of Conan bloggers out there. If you have a weblog, or a website related to this game, I'd love to hear more from you and perhaps swap some links. I also welcome all comments and suggestions you might have. For blood and glory!**

*Actually, it's more often than not that I get my ass handed to me due to my reckless tactics, but one can dream, right?
** I really need a better battlecry...

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